Festival online screenings will start in the afternoon of Saturday October 2nd. On that first weekend, Saturday and Sunday, and the following Saturday (the 9th), there will be two feature-length screenings, while during the work week one feature-length programme will be presented, at 20:30. All films and special content will remain available on the site for 24 hours after their online opening, enabling people in all time zones to access the screenings. All films are presented with musical accompaniment; intertitles will be available with both Italian and English subtitles.


Your subscription gives you access to all online screenings throughout the 2021 festival, along with special online content. We have 3 different passes: Basic, Donor and Super Donor.
Subscription requests, HERE.


There are no single-access tickets to the online screenings, only subscription for the whole festival.


The online offices of the Pordenone Silent Film Festival will be open everyday via:
infoline: +39 0434 1881011/+39 0434 1771621
Please note: if you have technical problems during the screenings
please refer to our online live chat directly on the website